Salted Cultured Butter - St David Dairy

$8.99 per 190g

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Product Details

St David Dairy award winning fine cultured butter is hand crafted in small batches at the Fitzroy micro dairy using only the freshest cream and premium cultures. It is slow fermented, batch churned and hand salted using Mount Zero Fine Pink Lake Salt Crystals. Delivered every fortnight.

Traditional cultured butter is made from cultured cream – cream with selected cultures allowed to mature over 12 to 24 hours. The cream is then churned gently in wooden churns or barrettes until the butter and buttermilk have separated. These butters have a richer & more lactic flavour than commercially produced counterparts. 

What Others Are Saying

So convenient

I no longer have to go to a store every week 

- Remy M., Fairfield 3078

Great on toast in the morning 

Is there anything better than fresh butter on bread in the morning?

- Richard M., Brunswick 3056

Great customer service  

The team are so responsive to my emails, love the bread too!

- Tessa M., Brunswick East 3057