Mooving forward- My Milkman’s Next Steps

Our founders, Laura and Rhys, on the way forward.

Dear My Milkman community,

Thank you for your overwhelming support and patience as we launched and grew My Milkman.

We started this business because we want to cut down on the plastic waste we produce, without sacrificing the convenience of online shopping and delivery. We are in the midst of an environmental crisis. With Melbourne’s recycling industry under pressure, reducing plastic packaging is one easy way for us to reduce our environmental impact.

We are now regularly delivering to over 100 households. And while this doesn’t sound like much, together we have saved over 2,000 plastic milk bottles going to landfill.

But we cannot stop there. We have set a goal of saving 25,000 bottles by the end of 2020 (approximately 1 tonne of plastic waste saved).

To reach this target, we have had to make some important commitments about the way we grow our business. This includes ensuring our independent and local suppliers, as well as our delivery partners, are paid a fair and equitable price. We are all doing it tough right now, but we are committed to supporting our local area.

Over the coming month, you will see some changes in how we provide our service to you:

Introduction of a delivery cover

We will be honest with you, delivering and picking up milk and other groceries in reusable containers isn’t cheap. In fact, it is one of our largest business expenses – much more than we can sustainably continue doing forever.

Introducing a $4.99 per day delivery cover will allow us to meet our environmental mission, without sacrificing our commitments to our suppliers and delivery partners.

As a current customer, you will receive 2-months of free deliveries starting from Monday 15th June, extending until Friday 14th August. At the end of the period, you will not be charged a delivery cover unless we receive written permission from you.

For you, our existing customers, this is not ideal as you have likely become used to our free delivery service. However, we have priced our deliveries at a competitive price relative to:

  • Supermarket chains: ~$12 per delivery for orders under $150
  • Independent grocers: ~$10 per delivery for orders under $60

Nonetheless, we welcome your feedback on this change.

Bringing back fixed cut-off times for subscription changes

Recently, we have trialled a 36-hour window for subscription changes. However, our current ordering and payment system is not well suited to this.

Therefore, we have decided to reinstate our fixed delivery cut-off times for all customers. To update your regular order, all changes need to be made by 11:59 pm on Friday for delivery the following week.

However, if you think you’ll run out before the end of the week, we will be offering one-time purchases to all our existing subscribers.

Moving back to this system will allow us to reduce the number of missed subscription changes and eliminate confusing product delivery schedules (i.e. butter and coffee beans will now be delivered weekly, and billed weekly).

One-time (single purchase) products

We are now offering one-time grocery purchases which will be added to your next delivery. Simply visit our website and navigate to the product you wish to purchase as a one-off.

For example, if you currently receive deliveries on Monday and Friday, and you place a one-time order on Tuesday, you will receive your additional products on Friday.

This is also a great way of trying new products before adding them to your subscription.

Deliveries in reusable packaging

Soon you will start to see our deliveries being delivered in Planet Protector Packaging food protector boxes. The boxes are:

  • Reusable, recyclable and biodegradable
  • Designed to keep food (and milk) at 0-5°C for 24-72 hours
  • Made using 100% Australian and New Zealand materials (including sheep’s wool for insulation)

Delivering in reusable packaging will ensure that your milk and groceries stay fresher for longer and protected from the elements outside (rain and direct sunlight). It will also allow us to deliver to more households before 7:30 am as we can now start earlier in the morning.

We simply ask that you unpack your box, ensuring not to damage the thermal insulation and gel ice packs and leave outside for collection for your next delivery (with your milk bottles and coffee tins).

The box, insulation and gel pack will be thoroughly cleaned using food grade disinfectant and sanitisier and packed again your next delivery.