Milly's #mymorning

How this 26 year old doctor from Coburg North spends her mornings.

Welcome to the first edition of My Morning! This is a series to explore the real mornings of Melbournites. We know you're supposed to make your bed, go for a run, blah blah blah… getting out of bed is difficult enough without the unrealistic pressure of being a perfect human being from the instant you wake up. Welcome to my morning.

I hate the mornings. As a doctor I alternate between morning shifts and night shifts, so I find it hard to have a solid routine. On days I have a morning shift, this is my typical schedule.

6.15am: Wake up and look at memes  

My alarm goes off at 6.15am. I'm a snoozer, so I normally go straight back to sleep for another 15 minutes. Sometimes, if I manage to stay awake, I'll look at my memes. I have three favourite meme websites that I check every day: - - - Reddit (one or two pages depending how much time I've got) I never read the news.  

6.30am: Get out of bed and maybe wash my hair If I'm not washing my hair, it takes me 12 minutes in the bathroom. If I wash my hair, 17 minutes. I'll put on makeup if I feel like. If I don't feel like it I'll only put mascara on.  

7.00am: Make porridge (with an instant sachet) I'm usually really slow from this point on. I pack my lunch, pack my bag, and make some porridge. I love to have a coffee, but I try to limit my coffee intake to 2-3 times a week. 7.20am: A balancing act I normally end up eating my breakfast in the car. I sit the bowl on the passenger seat and eat spoonfuls at red lights; it's a distinctly unsatisfying way to eat breakfast. When I get to the hospital I leave the bowl in the car - that's future Milly's problem!

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