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Winner of the 2019 Small Business Champions Award for Agriculture, and the 2019 Young Achiever Award for Environmental Sustainability, Josh's Rainbow Eggs commit to ethical and sustainable farming practices. They also donate eggs to food charities each week.

"Our hens live in small flocks in state-of-the-art, solar-powered mobile sheds. This means all our hens go outside everyday. By moving our sheds we give the hens fresh pasture. Solar power is a great renewable energy source and as our hens rotate across the whole farm, we enhance the health of our soil and plant life. We believe this a wonderfully regenerative and extensive way to grow eggs. And our hens get to do all the things they love to do - like dust bathing, scratching and pecking for seeds and insects."

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I no longer have to go to a store every week 

- Remy M., Fairfield 3078

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Great customer service  

The team are so responsive to my emails, love the eggs too!

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