Dan's #mymorning

Normally, I love going to work at school and having grade A banter with my students. We are in strange times indeed - school holidays were brought forward to minimise disruption, and I'm nervous about the shift to digital learning. I imagine I'll need a completely new morning routine when that happens. But when times are normal here is my routine!

6.30am - Dress to impress

I awake to the sounds of my carefully curated wake up playlist and my sunrise simulator alarm clock, which makes the task of getting out of bed that little bit more manageable. Picking out my teaching attire is my next assignment; usually just a dress shirt and chinos, or sometimes combined with a sports jacket if I am looking to dress things up a little. Time to shower and make myself look somewhat respectable.

7.00am - Emulate Ron Swanson

I enjoy taking my time and relaxing over breakfast in the morning. To quote Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson, “There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food”. An Uncle Tobys Oats sachet with chopped banana and some crunchy peanut butter on mixed grain toast are my go to food options. I also boil a pot of French Earl Grey tea to have while I read The Age on my iPad. I always read the news.

7.30am - Cycle to school

All that is left to do is have a quick scan of my emails, pack my lunch and work bag, before making my bike commute to school. Grade A banter here I come!