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Mooving Forward

A message from our founders, Laura and Rhys, about My Milkman's next steps.

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Dan's #mymorning

How does a 27 year old teacher from Brighton spend his mornings? Channeling Ron Swanson and listening to a carefully curated playlist.

Anindita's #mymorning

How does a 28 year old management consultant from Burwood spend her mornings? Avoiding ironing and her family.

Milly's #mymorning

How does a 26 year old doctor from Coburg North spend her mornings? Looking at memes and eating porridge in the car.

Waste Management in Victoria

So just how big of a deal was it when China stopped taking our rubbish? How panicked should I be about the state of recyling in Victoria? What can I do to make a difference? Find out here.