Anindita's #mymorning

How this 28 year old from Burwood spends her mornings.

As a management consultant, I often work long hours. This means waking up can be difficult when I haven't got enough sleep. I'm not the most productive person in the mornings!

7.10am: Scrollin' socials and cuddlin' puppies  

I wake up and immediately begin scrolling socials. I tend to accidentally read super important messages and then forget to reply because I'm half asleep. I recently subscribed to New York Times daily news so they send me daily updates. These days it's mostly just about COVID19, but I read it to remind myself that it's not something I made up in my sleep. Then when I'm about to get out of bed, my two toy poodles Raja and Mali realise I'm awake and come for cuddles and scratches - that's when I hit snooze again.

7.40am: Sans pants dance

Eventually I get up, brush my teeth and splash some water followed by sunscreen on my face. I've recently been trying to lose all the weight I put on in America so before I get dressed I go to weigh myself sans pants. I have to weigh myself as fast as possible so that I minimise the risk of running into a family member with no pants on. I come back to my room and put on clothes for the day - I wear whatever doesn't need to be ironed or washed. I whack on the first combination that meets this criteria, decide I hate it, change it, and do this a few times. Eventually I just put a jumper over it and hope for the best.    

8.00am: Avoid doggy arthritis and revel in my meal prep

At this point I usually realised I'm running late so I grab my bag and grab the dogs. We're trying to limit their stair time to prevent arthritis so I have to carry them downstairs. I go downstairs, make a coffee, and put my lunch in my bag. Not to brag or anything, but I've been prepping and packing lunches on the weekend.  If my baby nephew is awake this will provide another distraction. It would be quite rude for me not to play with him for ten minutes and remind him he is the cutest baby in the world.

8.20am: The daily decision - boyfriend or serial killer? I get in the car and drive to work. I might speak to my boyfriend on the phone, or I might compulsively listen to a fucked up true crime podcast. Could go either way! Both set me up well for the day.

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