Almond Milk - The Milkman for Millennials

$3.99 per 500mL

This almond milk is made fresh to order with biodynamic, Australian almonds. The bottles are reusable - so please leave out your clean bottles for our milkman to collect!

This almond milk is in 500mL bottles, so that you buy the exact right quantity and always have fresh milk.

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Product Details

From The Milkman:

Almond milk may be better for you but could the companies you’re supporting, support our precious earth better?

Yes the answer is! Always using cardboard or plastic one use containers is not the answer!  We discovered only almost 50%  of milk bottles were being recycled* so we decided to recycle that idea and reuse another.

Our milk is made with biodynamic almonds which allows us to deliver the best flavour possible. As well as organically grown Australian Vanilla Paste. We do then have a few natural thickening and stabilising agents which have allowed us to create a creamy froth-able milk perfect for both an Iced latte or warming latte.