Groceries delivered, without the waste.

Milk and groceries in reusable and recyclable packaging delivered to your door from independent producers. 


Why join My Milkman

Sustainability: join the fight against single-use plastics. We use and reuse to cut out the plastic waste. We also use sophisticated route optimisation to minimise emissions from delivery.

Convenience: Your groceries are delivered by 7:30am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays for your convenience. Set up a subscription so you never run out of milk again!

Support independent producers: Australian farmers and suppliers are at the heart of what we do. Unlike large supermarket chains, we support independent producers who are doing business differently.

How does My Milkman work?

Shop our products

We currently offer Barambah and Schulz Organic Dairy full cream milk, Milkman for Millennials Almond Milk, Dench Bakery's freshly baked bread, St David Dairy butter, Josh's Rainbow Eggs, and Padre Coffee's organic coffee beans with many more products on the way!

We deliver

We will drop your groceries to your door by 7:30 am in thermally insulated, reusable packaging. Leave your clean glass bottles, coffee tins and packaging out the day of your delivery so that we can return them for reuse.

Set up a subscription

Never run out of groceries again. You can pause, cancel or amend your subscriptions and deliveries at any time in your account. You're in control.

Don't just take it from us...

See what our beta testers have said about My Milkman

"I love that I can finally go plastic-free. Great tasting milk too. Can't wait for the next delivery." - Jessie M, Northcote 3070

"My family goes through a lot of milk so this is perfect for us! My girls love the taste in their cereal in the morning." - Anna P, Northcote 3070

"Always on time and super friendly. I enjoy not having to go to the supermarket three times a week for milk."
- Carl J, Thornbury 3071

Groceries delivered, without the waste

We are currently rolling out to inner north Melbourne postcodes now.